Day 1 of six day

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

So, yesterday went from boring to exciting, it took all day to get to that point. Cody O’Reilly and I got to the track at 10:30 am built the bikes and got all the other things we had to do taken care of, fun right you bet. Ok, so the track here at the Burnaby Velodrome is a 200 m indoors, well, in a bubble. It is a very fast track, and you go slow in the start and get a big excelleration out of the turn which is opposite from LA. In the first race was a standing start 2 k 10 lap with 3 mandatory madsons exchanges. We were the 4th team to go and we did the fastest time at 2 something mins. After that we had know idea what to do in the Madison first night 5 more days to go what to do?? We called Mr. Colby to see what to do and he explained we were good to go. In the Madison it stayed together for all 60 laps with 15 to go my rear tire was getting low I had a slow leak so I said what the hell I can make it. I made it but I had to float in the turns and push in the starts, so I was on the wheel then off the wheel, so I think we go 2 points and got like 5 or 6 place. In the second Madison it went a lot smoother. We just sat on most of the race, symmetrics team was off the front so I took a good pull and bridged up and sat. We worked with them for a few laps and with 1 k to go I wanted to see what they had. I road around and had a gap, thru Cody in and got the finale sprint we got 3rd. So we are on even laps with 21 points and tide in 3rd with team cofidis Tyler Farrar and Adrian Hegevary. After the races we packed up and got out of there at 11:00 pm, a very long day. Got to the grocery store and got some food for the week. So for the most part it was a good day. Here’s a web sight with results

It is so cold at this track all the guys think its odd but i just say i live in the OC lol
socal boy

Cody and I at lunch eating the biggest sandwichs I have ever seen, it was dinner too!

lunch time

wecome to canada!!

  1. Longo says:

    Hey stud…does this mean we’re not racing mountainbikes any more?? Kick ass!

  2. Your bro says:

    Kick it Austin!!!

  3. Erik says:

    Win it…

  4. Scott says:

    Hey man, we have some race coverage and photos available! I will add a link to your blog later on!


  5. sterling says:

    lets see a picture of the plywood!

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