day 2 of six day

Posted: January 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

So, today we started with an 80 lap point’s race with both Cody and I
racing. It’s so cold at the track, when I am warming up I really can’t tell
if my legs are good to go. When we started the race I followed wheels
got into a break for a few laps, which did not last long. The pace was so
fast I was not ready to go that hard the whole time and being in to small
of a gear did not help. One point in the race Tyler Farrar (Cofidis) and I
got a little close his wheel first hit my shoe then the bike then a few times
on my rear wheel so that was sketchy for both of us and going 50 + k.
I was thinking do these guys know that we still have 5 nights of racing left.
I have no idea what I got; I know I got points in two sprints so that was good.
I took that one as an opener lol. Next we had a 100 lap Madison it pretty
much got going from the start. Zach Bell/Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Pro
Cycling Team) made the race fast attacking and getting off the front
and lapped the felid. They went for another one. I was feeling good so
I made a move and when I got to the front and picked the pace up and
in the process got a little gap so Cody and I set a tempo and now were
on the chase. Tyler Farrar bridged up and it was now a good chase, we
had them in the same strait and I thought we could get on but I was wrong.
They road away lapped the fields again, by the way we were doing around
13 second laps so we were the leaders on the track with less then 20 laps
to go we stayed off and motored on. Cody and I set up for the final sprint
I was going to throw Cody in on the last lap about 10 15 meters ahead of me
slipped off the track right when Tyler was making an exchange.
I thought this is going to be bad, luckily he slid off right when we were
passing him ( he is ok not to much damage) I was not going to be able
to sprint I was a little gassed early in the race we missed an exchange
but we were holding hands like good boys and well we lost the grip but
anyways….we got second place points and was happy that we road well.
Got 3rd it’s our luck number for right now. Next up was an 1 k flying lap with
two exchanges, Cody did the wind up and I was on the rail… did the first
one in turn two (my turn) I went as hard as I could because I was in for like 2
or so laps through Cody in and had the fasted time until Symmetrics and
Canada Nat team went and we got 3rd….That was the race night. Cody and I
got another one of those big sandwiches ymm. I got all my nationals clothes
yesterday, it was like a little x mas going through all the stuff. Sadly I think I am
saying things like a Canadian would lol. Oh and another thing the sun comes
up at 7:30 8:00 am and sets at 4:00pm and is dark by 4:30pm or so, Sleeping
in is great. Have you heard of ketchup chips? There is a funny commercial when
U cant get the ketchup out so u hit the back and it comes out slow its that
but with a bag of ketchup chips get it I laughed every time I see it up here! After last night we are in 4 with 46 points.
So till later I’m going to bed.

There is a photographer that is really good here the link

Cody and i nice and tight
nice and tight
we have our race faces on!!
we have our race faces on
killing time between races

killing time between races
its smart a smart car
its smart a smart car

  1. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, keep up the good work. Keep posting as I enjoy reading about how your racing is going. Trevor & Teresa say HI! Take care of yourself and talk with you again soon…


  2. Travis says:

    Austin….stay away from the ketchup chips!! they will make you FAT!!!
    So what do you think of the track??
    have fun and good luck…dont let those canadaians run all over you!!

  3. Christen says:

    Those pics are great! Can’t wait to hear about everything when you get home. Good Luck!

  4. Travis i will stay away from them!!

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