day 3 of six day

Posted: January 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

I woke up today a little sore, a little tired. It does not help that we don’t get done racing till 11:00. Got to hang out for a while today, watch some TV and take a nap. Tonight was going to be the first day of the beer garden and hot food so I hope it draws a crowd out. When we got to the track it was the coldest it has been in and outside. I thought I was going to watch a hockey game when I walked in. We had some time to wander
around the track. Cody tried to walk along the rail he did not make it!!
Checked out the smart car I played with a volleyball I found. Then we hit gold we found a TV, yes we watched a Canadian comedy show that was funny. Our first race was a 120 lap Madison like all the other ones it started fast, I was feeling really good, made some good moves. But for Cody he wasn’t feeling so good so we struggled a little bit. So there was not a whole
lot of action for us in this race but not to get lapped was our goal which we were able to do! So after that we had a break before the two points races. I would race one and Cody in the other. To keep me entertained I would take pictures of my feet, self portraits, talk to the other racers. So I was going
to do the first points race a 60 lapper. From my last mistake early in the week I road to small of a gear so bigger gear this time, that was a good call. Everyone at the start looked like
they did not want to be on the bikes, riding slow, every one together. With six sprints every 10 laps. The first sprint I won so I was like ok what to do. Followed some wheels when I was on the front I would pick the pace up so I didn’t have to get the gear rolling again. Went with some attacks then would get caught got some points in the second sprint so I was the
leader. When I was on the pole in 3 or 4 a rider got close to me and bumped me making me go on the green (blue) band in the turn my pedal hit the wood and I came out of my pedal, very scary, we were not going slow. (everyone was saying to me when I got off is that all the riders were keeping there distant from me, don’t blame them) I was not able to slow down that much because now I was on the blue line trying to get my foot in, it took me just about the whole lap to get back in. OK, I’m in,
time to race again sat on got small points. Then Adrian Hegevary (Rubicon Haagnes/Bergmann) attacked and I went with him, we worked together, we had a straight a way, I took one hard pull then I was by myself with just 2k to go so I just kept the gear rolling and stayed off for the rest of the
race. I got the win, 15 points to go to the overall. Cody rode smart and picked up another 8 points, so overall a good night. So with the overall, we might move up because there was a crash in the Madison taking out Canadian National so still in 4th 2 points from 3 place.  Team (Gilbert, McKenzie) who was in 3rd and lost a lap. I will let you know!!! The track people turned the heat on at 6:00ish so that is nice, but it turns off early so by the time you are a the last race it Is freezing and I know it is cold when I am talking to the Canadians and they say its cold. When we were in the parking lot it was 0 degrees Celsius
OUCH!! We got home and when I got out of the car there was ice on the ground and I thought that was cool and the grass was hard. I don’t see this a lot in the OC you know. That’s all for now till next time, I’m going to bed.  when i find some pics from the night i will but some up!!


watch out!

the view


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