day 4? of six day????

Posted: January 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well.. well.. well… today… the weather was bad, real bad.  Woke up to my first morning of snow. So cool, I don’t remember the last time I have been in snow. I thought on the way to the track it was raining, got closer to the track, a lot of snow.  ( see video below) We got to the bottom of the drive way, but we did not get too far lots of snow.  We had to walk all the way to the track in the snow, oh yea! Warmed up and was all ready to get the racing  started and  we were told to pack up and get out of the building we were getting evacuated.  They increased the pressure in the bubble dome to get the snow off the roof. When you looked at the top of the dome it was sagging from all the weight of the snow. Did not get to race, so six day turned to 5 day, now see we actually road the track in warm up so its still a six day? Cody and I took our road bikes home so we can ride
in the morning. Lots of cars stuck in the snow. That’s about it.

I’m going to put a lot of pics up from today!!

 So with no racing today means a whole lot of racing tomorrow and Sunday and yes the track is indoors and still got cancelled for weather.
so we did not get up the hill to the lot

img_2174.JPGsnow daysnow day
the track that white thing there
that is the track



  1. Dad says:

    Snow is better than rain in most cases…
    Have fun, keep rollin’

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