day 5 of six day part 1 and 2

Posted: January 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Today was intense, first race was a 60 lap sprint Madison. I was not feeling to well because we did not race last night. We hung in there and did not get lapped, very hard. After that I was tired so gave rog a call and he gave me some tips which HELPED me so much thank you Roger! Well today was hard so im going to bed but I will continue.  NOW, the rest of the night was like woosh… I’m not sure, I was not all there for the Madison.  100 lap Madison, so the only thing I really remember is Cam Evans came under me when I was on the pole and he came out of his pedals and took me up track and he went down. We had one more Madison 100 and as I think right now it started slow yes slow, everyone was really out of it, one guy fell off the track and then it got fast and we finished. Sorry about not having much details right now. I all ready raced
the last day.

Points race, I won it
points race
madison race

  1. cierra says:

    yeah thats right that my cuz gone pro
    hes the best see you on the 21th
    love cierra

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