day six of six day

Posted: January 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Last day last day, but a hard one.  Yesterday we did 260 laps of racing today we did 320. We stared early 9:00 AM, mind you we have been starting at 7:00 PM and going to bed at 12:30. With little sleep we starated at 9am we did a 120 lap Madison, that was tough . Once again I know we move up to 3rd from Symmetrics Red, (Evans/Meie). Next was  a 100 lap points race.   I was going a lot better, and after the sprint I was in second. There was an attack and I went with it and we lapped the field. So now I was the leader on the track, got some points. Then marsh cooper attacked and he was in second so I got on his wheel and had a gap.   A couple of guys bridged up and we lapped the field, still in first. With one sprint left  Zack bell had 50 points and me with 51. Down to the last sprint ,Bells team mate picked up the pace for the last lap and I was on Bells wheel, but I could not get around. I ended up second. With only one race left, a 100 lap Madison I was excited to end my first six day. It was slow for awhile then it heated up.  Got points and was in second. The Canadian national team was off the front and with a hard chase and a sprint I caught Ryan McKenzie and road by him then Cody and I road a tempo and stayed off till the end.  Check back soon to read what a six days all about!!!
Got a kool write up


Final Omnium

1. Symmetrics
2. Cofidis
3. US National
4. Symmetrics Red
5. Canadian National
6. dEVo

  1. switchback says:

    Hey..we are complaining about the 60 degrees here…looks like your having way too much fun in the snow…miss you…hey your mom has the money for your bike..ha you will never get it..ha ha.

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