Posted: January 9, 2007 in Uncategorized

Got home yesterday.  All most did not make the flight. We got to the airport 2 hours before the flight. Got my boarding pass all was good, then they did not tag my bags and they said to go to the right and go to customs.  The line was so long it was like standing in line to go on a rollercoaster ride winding in an out of trash cans. We were in line for an hour and thirty minuets when I got to the dude in the box and gave him my passportand  he did not think the pic was me, so that took a lone time. We still have not gone thru security.  By now our plan was boarding so we were able to cut in line. So we grabbed our backpacks and had to run. It was like being in the movies running through the terminal and of course it was the last gate. Got in my seat and the plane sat there for like 10 minutes so I was out of breath and sweated for nothing. It’s nice to be home for a while and now a few days to rest. It’s nice to sleep in your own bed. The next few weeks are going to be fun and I can’t waitt to write about all the fun.

the teams




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