Posted: January 12, 2007 in bikes, Uncategorized

I got a phone call from a newspaper reporter today from the Orange County Register.  They did a small interview about me racing in the World Cup next weekend (it will be in this Thursdays paper for those of you that live in the OC)  It was kool, I have never done an interview over the phone before, it was a little hard.  I think I did a good job answering the questions,expressing my thoughts that were in my head to words, that can be hard some times. I always find it fun trying to describe the velodrome to people that have know idea what it is and the racing.  Many people don’t get it.. there are endurance, they go many laps hard and long and sprinters go short laps with big acceleration. The best race to explain to people is the Madison. There are teams of two one person is racing and the other is a spectator for a while then they switch roles like a relay over and over. Aww man, I love racing my bike!! Till later

the art side of me

  1. AUSTIN, thats not art… thats a MTB bike!!! gross…

  2. hey man yes its a MTB we still need to go ride!

  3. yeah one day after the WC

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