Posted: January 14, 2007 in bikes, racing, track bikes, WORLD CUP

The day started like this, with loud noises a door slamming, a toilet flushing, lights turning on and off at 5:30. The guy I was rooming with for the night had to make his flight. After that I really could not go back to sleep, so I layed in bed till 8:30 watched some tv there are not a lot of options.  By now it was breakfast time, I went down to the lobby and ordered eggs, hash browns, pancakes and orange juice yum. When the lady gave me the to go containers yes, there was 3 containers I was like why so many. My hands were full and trying to get up the elevator you need to put your room key in to go up so I had to find my key which was in my pocket I made it ok. Went to the track road behind the motor did throws. Bobby and I are getting better, at the end it was all coming together. We got some Madison tips from Colby then back to the hotel.  I had to check out from the room that I was in last night so I needed to kick Mike Creed out of his room so I could room with Bobby.  Mike has a room with huff. The Discovery channel has some of the best shows myth busters, Dirty Jobs, how its made just about everything rocks!!   The best thing today was the massage aww, that was so nice and made the legs feel good! Bobby and I drove to Chipotle, that is a good way to get some stuff back in to you SO GOOD. Had a little meeting and now I am tired have a long day tomorrow. 4 DAYS LEFT TO THE START OF MY SCRACH RACE.TILL LATER!!
the view

  1. steph says:

    that looks so nice…dang there’s still snow here in victoria!

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