Posted: January 16, 2007 in bikes, racing, track bikes, WORLD CUP

The day started with my phone ringing. Time to get up and start the day with a 3-hour road ride. I got ready and went down to the lobby to meet with Colby.  I was suppose to ride with Colby but he did not show, gave him a call and went strait to voice mail, so I left a funny voice mail. It was cold, I thought I left the cold in Canada but I think it came with me. The ride was fun I went to west cost choppers that was kool,  but this was really kool, there is a show on MTV called NEXT I have see it before in Long beach but have not stopped and checked it out.  I was  getting  some TV time so I road up and down the board walk a few times you know to get in the background. Then it was time to move on and ride back to the hotel. I did not have a lot of time before I had to be at the track. Went to Subway for lunch yum.  The track was so crowded with all the countries that were riding. I would go do an effort and would try to ride the pull and have to go all over the place really hard to do what you need to do but I guess its part of the game. Had another massage on my back I was so stiff from all the Madisons I have been doing now I feel loose and good. So on my ride today I took some video of the ride, it’s a little bumpy but well it was. Till later!!!



the video is a little bad i was trying some things on my camera and computer..


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