Posted: January 19, 2007 in bikes, racing, track bikes, track racing, WORLD CUP

The scratch race was 30 laps. It was not to fast at the start but it quickly got going. I was in the front most of the time when the race was at the pull. I race the way I race; I was aggressive, following attack. So it went down like this, 30 laps go fast with 10 to 6 laps there is not a whole lot of moving up just down which is the wrong way to go, I was  on that path. I did not make the final but I am taking this as what every race is a learning experience. It is a hard way learning to learn but you have to start somewhere and this is my starting point. Next time will be an improvement from this race and I will just keep building my racing experience. SO with that said i don’t race till sunday in the Madison so there will not be a lot going on for me thanks for reading. Here is a live recap of the race I did not read it but im there.

  1. Blake says:

    Austin, great job! I know that you will learn quickly and get stronger. Keep racing the way that works for you. I am enjoying your blog and Teresa and I will see you on Sunday.


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