Posted: January 21, 2007 in bikes, racing, track bikes, track racing, WORLD CUP

The Madison today was tough.  Bobby and I road good. I was so nervous before the start Bobby started and when I did the first exchange I finally relaxed and was feeling good.  The first sprint Bobby positioned him self really well and through me in at the front and hit it, stayed at the front through Bobby in and got second in the sprint 3 points. After the sprint I went to do the exchange but Bobby was not there. I got hit in the front wheel by the time we exchanged we were at the back and there was an attack and that hurt us. It put me in the hurt locker. We lost a lap, the race was one of the harder things I have done physically and mentally. It was a good weekend for me I learned a whole lot. After I watched some racing and the final of the Madison I went to the hotel packed up and was off, but not home.  It is time for team camp yes, I’m  going to camp with Rock Racing. My good friend David Van Dorn followed me to my new home for a week in Marina del rey. The hotel is so nice, I have an ocean view nice beds but and there is a BIG BUT, the TV is tiny what the heck. Oh yea Sterling Magnell is my roommate lol. David and I were on the hunt for food good food we were going to go to Venice but I could not find a place to park. We decided to go to Santa Monica I found a 3-hour free parking, yes. I have been down to Santa Monica but I have not walked around.  We walk Third Street Promenade there were street performers that’s was kool. There was this big guy that walked up to David and said excuse me and stared him down weird. We did not find food there so we walked down to the pier it was kool a lot of fun there. There was a good Mexican restaurant at the end of the pier. After dinner we were on our way out and we spotted an arcade so we played some games. When I got back to the hotel everyone was there, had a meeting with all the guys.  Now I’m sitting in the room watching the little TV. This week is going to be awesome, keep checking back to follow me through my week at training camp!!!
Here [a] link to the live coverage on fixgearfeaver I was in heat 2.I would like to thank everyone that was at the races and all the support I have been getting, I am greatful for all of this and thanks for check my blog and reading it. Thank you

Austin Carroll

AWW YESI AM HAPPYKNOW IS IS A GOOD BEDCalifornia Wouldn’t wonted be anywhere elsekool meDavid and Mewatch out!as we were walking the sears sing said thismy roomwowyeamy new viewimg_2297.JPG

  1. Blake says:

    Austin, I am glad I got to see you race on Sunday. Being new to track racing I learned a lot and enjoyed the day. Good luck at camp and keep on learning I know you will do well. Enjoy the nice weather during your training rides and think of Trevor who is putting in his base miles in subfreezing temps! Right now he cant wait until the temperatures approach 40 degrees! Have fun and keep us up to date.

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