Posted: January 22, 2007 in bikes, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, track racing

We started today with breakfast with the team. Then we road for 2 hours real easy it was a good pace for me made my legs feel better. We had some time to sit around and hang. We had lunch at well I don’t remember the name but the menu had ads in it for random things like a pic of this girl that Sergio is looking at.MENU GIRL After lunch I went to Rock and Republic with Allen to fill out some paper work. When I got there I was looking at the paper and it was not my name it was Justin that’s not close to Austin LOL! I was there for a while it a kool place, Rock and Republic nice jeans hint hint lol!! When I got back to the hotel I went to the waterfront and checked it out. I ended up taking some pics they turned out pretty kool. Its dinner time we got in the Cadillac’s and went to the soup plantation all you can eat that is one of the best places to go to dinner for a cycling team. There were 13 or so of us there.  It was funny to see all of us lined up at the salad bar. I finally saw Borat that’s a good flick funny funny. Well that’s about it there was not a whole lot of action so that’s why it’s so short. Here are pics from the day of the ROCK RACING team camp and some other ones, till later


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