Posted: January 23, 2007 in bikes, Cycling, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, track bikes, track racing

So there’s a pattern starting to form wake up at 6:45, down in the lobby at 7:00, breakfast well at Denny’s today. Back at the hotel meet at the lobby at 9:00 to ride. Today on the menu 4 hours with some climbing I was only going to go a little over 2 hours but I just could not stop riding my bike. I did all 4 and it felt good. The first part of the ride well 10 minutes into it I was not moving so well. Once I got in the mode to ride I was good to go. On the climbing I was surprised that I was going good who knew. When we got back we all were supposed to have an hour to get ready for lunch, then we were told that we had to go right now because we all had to go and get massages so I took a sink shower. CPK there pizzas are good it is funny where ever we go eat the waiters and waiters get overwhelmed by the teams ,we have numbers. So the massages were not what I was usedto the lady was up on the table putting all her bigness on me with her knees on my butt that was not a good feeling. It was a rough one, I am sure I was a little better before I went in but it was a massage. So at this time 7:30 pm I am writing, I have been sitting on this bed for a while. Haldane came in our room when Sterling was in the pool and haldane said “getting some moon rays” lol now that was a good one moon rays man. Well its time for me to go to dinner with the team and to meet Adrian Montgomery from Scott Bikes, kool kool. Ok I am back from the dinner, its now 11:15. The dinner was really nice, food was well I had to ask what some of the things were on my plate but it was good. There were a lot of people there to. This year is going to fun all the guys are real swell lol! TILL LATER

  1. Toshi Nomura says:

    Hi, Austin!
    Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. Wow, what a schedule you are having! If I were you, I have to have a couple more bodies to do so. By the way, I started cycling to comute to my work. I would like to feel how cyclists feel even a bit! But my butt hurts so bad. Do you know where to get a softer saddle?
    I do not want to dislike my cycling time,,,,,

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