Posted: January 25, 2007 in bikes, Cycling, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, track bikes, track racing, WORLD CUP

So this morning I slept through breakfast,I was so tired today. On the schedule the team had a 5 hour ride but I had to turn around to get to get to the track. Sterling turned around with me, we road back but we stopped at this store im going to go get some shoes tomorrow they have some kool kicks. When I got back to the hotel I had to get ready to go to the track when I discovered that I had nothing to ride in . So I had to ride in the same things I road in this morning so that sucked, but what can you do. Well I guess I could have done my laundry. At the track I did a 1500 to get ready for tomorrows 3K for the world championships. I was a little tired but I think I will do a good time. Before I left to the track I put all my clothes in my bag and when I was done at the track I went to the holiday inn with Christen King to do my laundry. I hung out in her room while I was waiting. The team went to the Macaroni grill we had to wait so long before we sat down at the table. There were so many people smoking we were sitting outside. So back at the hotel Sterling, Sergio and I are watching Over the Hedge I think it is one of the more funny animated movies. Hammy is the best LOL! Total Views: 2,010 Thanks for stopping by till later. overthehedge_poster.jpg


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