Posted: January 27, 2007 in bikes, Cycling, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, track bikes, track racing, WORLD CUP

So, I am writing this post early. Well, not to the people that are reading this, but for me the 3K test was ok. I did not post a fast time as I have been a little tired since last weekend. Oh well, I will get over it. Went to Thai food for lunch, curry chicken, that’s good stuff! I got my shoes I like them because they are different. Sterling has Harman Kardon Sound Sticks II that we have been playing our I pods on, they are loud! We leave the door open and the sub is on the floor, it hits hard for how big it is. You can hear it all down the hall! We are at the end, it’s a wonder no one has said anything to the front desk. It was nice of Nate, one of the team’s mechanics to drop off my bike, oh so nice and shinny! I was in Adam and Justin’s room when Adam got a pair of ROCK AND REPUBLIC Jeans for his girlfriend, they were so big. Tonight I am going to P.O.S. with Mac Lethal / Dessa of Doomtree at Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA with Sterling. Ok, going into this show I had know idea what to expect. Dessa opened up the show, I didn’t realize how good her music was. I don’t listen to rap a lot, but it was good. Mac Lethal was interesting. I did not like it as much as Dessa and P.O.S… P.O.S rocked! He can rap, this show is the best live show I have ever seen, an awesome show. You should all check out Dessa. Sterling and I wanted t-shirts, so I went to get the shirts and Dessa was selling her own merchandise. I talked to her a bit, got her CD, shirt and some pics…she’s a cool person. Check my myspace to listen to Dessa. Till later!! Dessa and ME img_2450.JPGimg_2458.JPGimg_2473.JPG


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