Posted: January 28, 2007 in bikes, Cycling, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, track bikes, track racing

The ride today was a 5-hour ride with a big climb about 30 or 40 minutes long. When we started it was cold and when you looked up the road it was dark.  It looked like rain, but it got warm then an hour and a half in the ride it started. It was a light rain not to bad then when we hit the climb it started to rain a little harder. Right now I am going up hill really well, which is good. Marco and I were together for the whole climb. At the top I did not have a rain jacket so a bunch of us put trash bags on, yes trash bags it works. The descent was so cold I was all wet I did not go to fast down at one point there was a turn, left or right. Half of the team left before and a group of  few others and me were getting stuff out of the car. So when we got to that point we did not know which way to go so when we finally figured it out, we were off. The rest of the ride was rollers, and a long down hill.  It was tough the rain hurt your eyes. So it rained just about the whole time on the bike. When we got done Rahsaan, Kayle and I went to get some food we were so hungry. We road back to the hotel turned on the shower as hot as it would go. I know this is odd but I ate my food in their yes I know I know but I was so cold had to warm up some how. Then the team went to CPK and I had a second lunch I ate a good amount of food. When I was back in the room I fell asleep till dinner. Rahsaan brought his X BOX 360 I played a few games then I dropped my bike off with the mechanic, the bike got thrashed today. So Sterling went home today and Sergio is sleeping in my room so he can sleep with out Nathan working on the bikes. That’s it till later!!img_2490.JPG

  1. Trev says:

    i bet Durango is colder… haha. and by the way, P.O.S. is awesome. how was the World Cup? Brutal?

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