Posted: February 1, 2007 in austin carroll, bikes, Cycling, FASHION, racing, ROCK AND REpublic, Rock and Republic cycling team, track bikes, track racing

Today I wake up to rain, it’s not suppose to rain in so cal and I am not riding in the rain again. I think I am going to get my rollers out of my car aww man I don’t like riding rollers. The weather looks good for the rest of the week.  I don’t have a key to the place I am staying at  so if I was to leave I’m locked out.  I I just watched TV oh much fun the last few weeks I have not found watching TV to be entertaining anymore. I went to dinner with Haldane and the food was real.  Went to the store and back to the apartment and wrote what you just read. As you can tell I am doing multiple post because well they are just to short. Till later.

Did the same thing that I never do rode my bike!! LOL I got to see Michaels new house wow that’s what I have to say about it. Well, trained then when I was in the parking lot I had a parking violation and that my car was going to get towed because I do not have a key and Marco was out. I had to sit by my car for 45 minutes, that sucked. My car did not get towed. Some of my teammates went to the track so I went with them to hang ou. It was better then being stuck in the apartment. I like this place there is so much to do and every day I ride I see film crews all over the place.TILL LATER

  1. bougie says:

    it’s not suppose to rain in socal? How about it’s not suppose to snow in Malibu? lol wierd weather we’re having

  2. yea i no rain what the heck!!

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