The past few days have been good. The training is good, well I can’t say that about my bike, it’s almost time to put it down. I should get my new bike tomorrow. I have my fingers x.   Yesterday the man, the so called weatherman said that it was going to rain and when I started my ride it was warm and I really nice day. I drove home and had dinner with my parents.  I had to return the video camera and got a different one. This is off the topic but why do people have to honk at people on BIKES I hate that, what are they trying to prove that their horn works. Can someone tell me why????? If there are any Qs you have for me ask a way!! I will write a post with answers. Not to hard!!! Till later

YOU CANT TALK WHEN RITCHIE IS IN THE KITCHENRich make me some of your great FOOD!!!!


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