The road race was hard the heat the head wind was strong and the tail wind was to. Up the hill in the first lap we were moving. On the 3rd lap I did not get a feed and at the long head wind part of the race I started to cramp up and fell out of the field so I did the last two laps on my own.

Today the team road 12 miles to the crit it was overcast that made it feel nice out. The crit was 70 minutes long I sat in for the first 20 minutes. Rock Racing was everywhere, we were in the pack off the front the race was going well. I was feeling good for the first time all week with six laps to go we all moved to the front. There was a black and white train, I was on Rahsaans wheel sweeping, I was having fun bumping around with guys that were trying to sit on the line.  With 3 to go successful living came up the left side and as fast as they came they were gone. Going in to the last lap we were still going strong. Going into last turn I was still on Rahsaans wheel the sprint was long like 250 meters a BMC rider started to move up the left side. Kayle and Rahsaans where right in front of me I hit the pedals and accelerated again beating him to the line ROCK RACING went 1 2 3 Rahsaans with the win Kayle in second and me in third. Guys great work this weekend!!!. JACK BLACK OUT lol 1 2 3 BABY 123

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