Posted: March 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

RUDY had his surprise B Day party at Lucky Strike . It was a lot of fun some of the team was there partying it up!!! Im really good bowler lol today my fingers are really sore

On my ride today with Kayle we had our share of people driving like we were not even there. First was a bus driver we were riding along in the bike lane when a bus started to pass us. The bus passed us then turned right in front of us.  I went around it but Kayle got pinched between the sidewalk and the bus. The bus driver was honking at us like we did something. The other one was this lady, she was at a stop sign, as we started to ride through the intersection she hit the gas and then hit the brakes in the middle of the intersection and was yelling at us, we had the right a way lady. They just don’t get it, we have just as much right to be there as they do and that they are playing with our live’s out there. Its just not kool, how would they like it when they are at work and I go in there and start yelling and honking horns at them then lets see who likes it. ok ok with that said here are some links of racers I have done
In this one im on the trainer look at how long my hair was

this was a hard race

there was a 180 turn

I was off the front in this road race


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