Posted: April 4, 2007 in austin carroll

Right now I am in Lake Isabella east of Bakersfield with Sergio. When we were getting ready to ride I was not to motivated to go. When we got to the small town called Kernville we stopped and refueled. I needed some air in my tires so we went to a small bike shop got some air and talked to the guy that owns the shop about the riding around here then we were off again. I was now motivated to ride. We road up highway 155 an 8 mile climb it was steep in a lot of places. We didn’t no when the top was but we new that the top was at 6100 feet. There was not a view when we were at the top so we started down the road.  The turns are nice not a whole lot of tight turns so you can carry speed, I hit 55.7 mph weee. We stopped at Kernville again and I had a sandwich and started back but the wind changed and we had a big head wind real BIG. I took a long pull and when Sergio came through he is not the best draft and it was as if I was still on the front. As we got to the top of the hill we were going up and started to make a left turn the wind was insane I have never ridden in anything like that. I was leaning to my left to stay up right and was pushing hard but not going forward very well. After that the wind changed and we had a very nice tail wind till we had to turn on the road to get back to the house and the head wind was back. So our ride was not that hard till the wind picked up. So this was on Tuesday my cell has no reception and no WI fi. till later OH YEAH LEAVE SOME COMMENTS!!!!!1 img_2894.jpgimg_2901.jpgimg_2886_2.jpg

  1. Blake says:

    Austin, will you be at Sea Otter? Trevor, Teresa and I will be there starting on Thursday and it would be great to be able to get together with you.

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