Posted: April 7, 2007 in austin carroll

So Lake Isabella was awesome, the roads were nice and the traffic, well there was none!! The only thing that was not kool was the haunted mobile home that I was staying at. Every night I would hear sounds, like someone trying to get into the sliding glass door. So I was freaking out, went to Sergio’s room and checked it out and there was nothing. We went to our rooms but I could not sleep and every time there was a sound outside I would wake up. The next day we were watching TV and we heard the sound again, Sergio looks at me and said it was the refrigerator LOL. Drove back to LA for our team camp, its nice to sit in bed watching TV and having the internet, so no more stealing internet from the fire station 71  that was near the house. Yeah the team is having a team camp that starts tomorrow. I will let you know what’s happening at camp. Till later

  1. Marco* says:

    Hi Austin!

    How has been received the incorporation of Haedo in the team?


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