Posted: April 15, 2007 in austin carroll, bikes, Cycling

so i have a very funny video but i can not put it up at this time.Its of camp and some other things i did last week. I am racing Conquer the Canyons this weekend. I really like the roads we race on fun fun .OK i am thinking, if i get you involved to ask me whatever you want. Say to yourself “I WANT TIO ASK AUSTIN A QUESTION”—–AND THINK—–THEN ETHER LEAVE ME A COMMENT OR E MAIL ME AT AustinBlogEmail@aol.com HELP ME TO ENTERTAIN YOU AND TO WRITE A SWEET NEW POST THANKS FOR READING IN ON EVERYTHING. TILL LATER

Please ask a Question it would mean a lot to me THANKS

  1. blake says:

    hey, i dont really have any questions but i love reading about you guys… I used to race against adam switters as a jr. and he was incredible, I havent seen him in the collegiate scene at all but i guess that’s cause he is busy with rock racing. I love the team cars and the different kits for each race. way cool.

  2. Greg says:

    When are Rock Racing jerseys going to be available for purchase by fans?
    You guys have the sickest kits out there…
    I just heard about your team through the latest VeloNews article, and saw you guys on Yerba Buena and Decker Canyon last Saturday on your training ride (I was doing the Mulholland Challenge). Your team is exactly what cycling needs, a team with some personalities and flair. Congrats to all you guys on the great early season results!


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