Nintendo Wii

Posted: April 26, 2007 in austin carroll

Conquer the Canyons was going good I had a good time finished in 20th. Then in the Circuit Race I was DQ so that was that. My brother just got a Nintendo Wii. If you have not played it you will thing im crazy. The games that came with it are all sports, bowling tennis, boxing you get it. The way you play is you have a controller that you hold onto and to play you stand in front of the TV and you move as if you are doing that action. So you are basically looked like a fool flaying your arms in the air. When I first saw it I though to myself how dumb. Tried it and if s fun but I felt it the next day I was sore all over. If you want to play with this Nintendo you need to be fit lol. Friday I leave for Athens, GA see you back East

  1. Eric says:

    Wohoo! I’m going to buy a nintendo wii this week, it’s going to be sweet! 🙂

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