Posted: April 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

The day started at 4:50 AM. I stayed at Sterlings place to make it easer for me to get to LAX. I slept on Sterlings floor which was hard as cement.  I used a blanked, pillow, and my big jacket I slept really well. When we got to the airport we had 3 hours till our flight. Sterling was laying on the ground and I was in the seat to the side and people would start to walk over then look down and see Sterling, stop stare then walk away.  so many people did that and every time I had to laugh. Up to here I was typing in Charlotte North Carolina at the airport. Ok this is where it gets fun Rahsaan, Sterling and I walk over to our gate (the lady in LA did not give Sterling and me a ticket for our connecting flight) so we get there and the plane is all ready and boarded. Sterling and I were trying to get our tickets, Rahsaan walks up gives the guy his ticket and walks onto the plain.  Sterling and I are trying to get on and the guy is freaking out, yelling  for our last names and we were not on that flight I was like what!? Then we noticed that the plane was going to Atlanta GA not Athens so we walked to the other gate and it’s the right flight and right now R is on the wrong plane.  Sterling called Rahsaan to get over to the other gate.  Sterling and I were walking to the prop plane and and got into a plane.  It was not our plane.  We asked the captain and some other people where they were going and whatever they said it was not where we wanted to go. So we left the plane and went down stairs. Rahsaan was walking out and we didn’t know where to go, there was a pilot standing behind the first plane we got on and asked where to go and it was the flight to Athens. I think the plane only sat maybe 20, I could reach the other side of the plane when I was in my seat. It was a kool flight, the cockpit was open so I could see the dashboard and out the window when we were landing. I could see the runway as we were approaching that was real kool. Better then the first landing, we hit and were moving side-to-side, weee. So we race tomorrow night. My lap top is is dying so I cant put up pics. When I get home I will do a big slide show. TILL LATER


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