Athens Twilight Crit

Posted: April 29, 2007 in austin carroll

wow last night was CRAZY……

Athens Twilight Crit was CRAZY drunk college kids all over the course and it was loud. I started in the back and moved up to the middle. There were some crash’s missed then. The first 30 minutes was fast then the pace smoothed out. I was able to move up on the hill till I found myself near the front well I could see the front. With 15 laps to go in turn 2 a rider hit the barricade sending him to the middle of the road took out just about the whole field. I came into the turn at full speed locked up the brakes and to a stop, slid hitting the barricade as I was standing there people were yelling loud and some dude through beer at me. For the rest of the race I could smell beer on me. After I got past the crash and road to the pit, the officials neutralized the race for a restart. The crowd got so loud and I don’t no how to explain it was a KOOL feeling. A girl was trying to talk to me and I was holding onto the barricade and could not hear what she was saying. The race started for a second time and shortly after the restart there was a crash.  I was able to avoid that. With 3 laps to go there was a car right after the pits, had to hit the brakes hard road around it and had to chase for the rest of the race and ended up 29. This race  was insane. Now I am in Beaufort South Carolina. Its hot and when you walk outside you feel like you have not showered in days. The FOOD here is so good, really good! Till later.

  1. Blake says:

    Hey, Austin I’m glad you are hanging in there and I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with what you are doing. Trevor is back home from school but kind of bummed out. The week before his finals he had to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. He spent a some time in the hospital in Durango and then Teresa and myself took him back to his condo and packed up all his stuff because he couldn’t lift anything. He was told to stay off his bike for 2 to 3 weeks so he was bummed he wouldn’t be able to race the National Race in Fontana this weekend. On Monday though, he went on a road ride and yesterday he rode Rim Nordic on his mountain bike so I know he is going to change his mind and try to race this weekend and that there will be a showdown between him and his mother. Keep up the good work and ride safe and let us know the next time you are in town.


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