Beaufort Memorial Classic

Posted: May 3, 2007 in austin carroll, bikes

img_3334.jpgBeaufort Memorial Classic–Walterboro Cycling Classic

Beaufort South Carolina
Today the race was another night crit.  The course was not lit up, well the back strait you could not tell what was going on at the front of the race. The turns had grates in the corner. The race started fast, tight turns and big accelerations. 15 minutes into the race I was having lower back pains. I looked down at one point and notices that my legs looked funny with my knees  bowing out. My seat post was slipping I was having a hard time to stay on I had no power. I got gapped off and was in a big chase group after a few laps we where lapped. At this time I could not take the pain in my back I got on the radio and told the mechanic that I was going to go into the pit to get my seat post raised. I went in and got it fixed. The official said that I was not going to get a free lap. I was like ok ok then I will just keep racing it would be good for me to keep racing. Jumped back in and at this time the field was torn a part. I was moving around in the race and it happened again. Went back to the pit but no one from my team was there, with 12 to go I was done.

  1. Its really spectacular.. i really like the way you write .. really amazing .
    nice .

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