I feel that every one is born good

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was on the family computer and I came a cross some of my bros old school work and this is what


I feel that every one is born good. The idea that people are born bad just isn’t realistic because a parent doesn’t pass a bad gene down to its off spring. People that come out bad are bad by society because society gives people choices and they make the wrong choices and don’t take the right opportunities that are given to them. People who come out bad also always have the opportunity to become good. Life always has chances and a lot of people mess up the chances that are given to them. The people that come out good are good because they made the right choices in life like staying in school and staying out of trouble. The good people always take the opportunities given to them and make the best of it when it comes to them. At the same time good people can always become bad, they don’t always stay good forever, but with most cases when you are good in the beginning you will usually stay good forever.

think about that



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