Posted: May 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

When I got home, the Nationals in Fontana was going on and I was signed up to race the short track. Saturday  I got back into town I drove to go ride the XC course. When I got there I went and road the XC trails, they are really destroyed. I was having a hard time getting my MTB legs back.  I was riding like I was on a road bike yikes. After awhile I started to get it back into it. On Sunday I raced the short track I was called up 8th from last, so last row.  This is not the place to start in a short track. As quickly as the start was, it was over faster for me. We went up a part of the 4 cross course then on the first lap when we hit the one decsent I had to get off the bike and I was not going anywhere.  It was all bottle necked.  The race was over.  I road for 13 minutes then I was pulled. It was a lot of fun seeing all of my MTB friends, lol all you guys are great you know who you are!!

I got to do something today that I don’t always get to do. I got to hang out with some friends oh yeah. Went and saw Disturbia. Its a good movie, a little weird, its like a chick flick but with some blood,dead people, people chasing people you know something original. Tomorrow I am going to be in Big Bear for Mothers Day

This weekend was good, the family went up to Big Bear for mothers day. My moms side of the family rented a cabin. It was nice to just relax, no bike and hang out with the family.


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