Houston,TX that’s where im waiting in the George Bush Intercontinental Airport for my flight to Arkansas. Sergio and I went to Chiles, we ate our food when we were done I asked for the check the waitress had them on her. The bill was $8.11$ . I pulled out my wallet got 10.00$ put it on the table. When she got back she ask if we wanted change with out thinking I said yes now that was the wrong answer as she walked away she said WOW in a snotty way like we were not going to tip. She was not happy, it was a little funny. So we were sitting there waiting for our change, she’s goes to the table next to us takes an order, goes to another table takes an order. Some time goes by she makes her way to our table and puts down a dollar and a hand full of nickels and there was a penny or too. I laugh there’s her tip. When we got to Arkansas we had to drive for a while. When we got to the hotel we walked over to get dinner. Met up with the rest of the team and got caught up with all the story’s from the trip the a few of us missed. I was all up to date now, its time to make new ones. Oh yeah I am in Russellville Arkansas for the tri peaks stage race.

  1. Fuzzy Z. says:

    Did you ever take English while in school? Wait, did you even go to school?

  2. Randy says:

    Fuzzy Z:

    Don’t you mean “English grammar,” poseur? Was that taught at your school? Wait, did you even go to school?

    And now, some proverbs: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Practice what you preach. As you make your bed, you must lie in it. Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself. Fuzzy Z is a wanker and a half-wit.

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