Posted: May 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Tri Peaks went well for me.  I was very satisfied with the way I rode there. I have 3 weeks till my next big race. The past weekend I did two local races Dana point and Long Beach. Dana Point was a fun technical figure 8 course, 90 mins. I rode to the race, it was about 30 miles, a good warm up. I was feeling good following attacks. There was a big crash, the race was neutral for a long time. when I was riding around and around I could feel something wrong with my rear wheel.  I could not see what was wrong. The race restarted and with 5 laps of racing my rear tire went with a quick pop right as I was heading into a turn and fish tailed into the hay bales. so that was my day. It was good that I rode to the race.  Long beach did not start great for me, I was riding around and my Chain fell off.  So I was scootering around trying to find a Chain breaker, I got one I tried to get it fixed. I found someone to help me at the start finish. It took a while to fix it just as we were lining up. I had two gears because because I lost so many links.  yeah the race was ok, it was hard at some points with the excelleration, I had to use my track legs to get my cadences going. Every once and a while I would go to shift and my bike would lock up and I would start to coast and that happened a few times. Then one time i could not get going so it ended my day. So I had my share of mechanicals this weekend and it sucks!!!


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