CSC Invitational WIN and the best MOVIE

Posted: June 3, 2007 in austin carroll

Yeah for Rashaan!!!!!!!!!Rashaan Bahati delivered his first-year Rock Racing team its biggest win yet on Saturday afternoon in Arlington, Virginia, blazing to the head of a field sprint to take home the 10th edition of the CSC Invitational. Way to go man.

So the last couple of days I have been doing some good training rides. On one day I road to san dimas, another road into lake Elsinore which were both long days. I got my new track bike up and going, wow it’s a nice and fast. Ok if you did not go see Knocked Up you are missing out on a very good comedy, its is super funny I saw it Friday night and on Saturday night with another friend. On Saturday I went down to an old group ride I used to ride every Saturday when I was just starting out on a bike. It was fun to see the people that used to make me work hard on that ride. It was my turn now!! After the ride I met up with my friend Kyle and road with him for a while till I ran out of food and headed back to my car. At a random moment the Angel game came up and we were like lets go to the game.  So using my top secret source we got some really good seats in section 109 row J right behind the left Angels dugout. Thank you again, oh you know who you are, you’re the greatest! So the Angels won but the Ducks lost. When the game was ending I got a text if I wanted to go to a movie.  I found out it was Knocked Up and it was so funny I jumped on that for number 2. That’s what’s been going on till later


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