Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Posted: July 2, 2007 in Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, ROCK AND REpublic, Rock and Republic cycling team

My job was to follow attacks for the first 30 min. The race started and within the first strait away there was an attack I followed it. By the first turn we had a small gap. I was with a guy from 5 star fish and Curtis Gunn of Successful Living. I was in the break for the first 25 mins. The field was about to catch us so I went back and sat in for 3 laps then I went back to the front of the field. With 5 laps to go the team started to get together. I got to sit on Rahsaan’s wheel and if you have ever done that you know that you are going to have a good time. Well I had a good time, you get to go where you don’t think you can go and he makes room then I get to do it. On the bell lap Rahsaan and I got swarmed and lost Kayle’s wheel and this is what I was talking about. I was thinking OH NO but with in seconds he got back on kool. It was so crazy people were going every where into the last turn I got bumped and pushed wide. Rahsaan won Kayle 3 Jeremiah 8 and me 24. Good work everyone. Oh yeah Rahsaan !dude! you kissed me on the cheek lol But yeah I went well I keep surprising myself. Till latercyc-mbg535.jpgcyc-mbg558.jpgimg_3678.jpgimg_3701.jpgmom and iimg_3703.jpgmam and dad

  1. Geo says:

    Way to go guys! Keep it going!

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