Posted: July 13, 2007 in austin carroll

This past week I have been at seven springs PA. I will start at the beginning, I left at 2:00 from Ontario flew to Denver I had an hour and a half then my flight was delayed an hour to Pittsburgh. When I finally got in it was around 1:30 AM and had to drive for 90 minute. When I went to bed it was 3 in the morning. That morning at 9 I was woken up by pounding on the door and was told it was time for breakfast I did not get up. That day it rained just about all day so had to ride in the rain. The road race was the next morning at 8 AM I never felt good the day before and the day of the race was the same. I sat in for the most part of the first lap. Going into the last climb on the first lap I was near the front. I road the last two laps with a group of 20 I ended up 79. The next day was the tt witch I used it as a recovery day to get ready for the crit, the tt was and the freeway witch was the crit I was feeling good but 10 laps into I went down luckily I rode off the road and fell in the rain soaked grass. I had to switch bikes I ended 35. I’m in Milwaukee for super week now more on that later!!


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