super WEEK

Posted: July 26, 2007 in austin carroll, Rock and Republic cycling team, SUPER WEEK

The race today was fast. It had a little hill on the course. The first 30,40 minutes was hard for me not racing for today. I pushed through it and it started to pay off. I was covering attacks when I could, Sebastian Haedo was in the break working it. On one of the attacks I followed some guys and were sprinting for 40 or 50$ primes and I ended up going around them to get the primes. With in ten laps to go a five star fish rider rolled off the front I followed him but I was just not on his wheel I could not close the gap coming out of the last turn I gave it one last push. I jumped just a few feet to late I got to his wheel just as I crossed the line there was 100$ prime that was with 3 laps to go. I had pushed myself to no recovery.
i win

  1. superrookie says:

    superweek primes.

    best thing ever.

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