Downers Ave and Detroit

Posted: July 30, 2007 in 3 days, austin carroll, ROCK AND REpublic, Rock racing, SUPER WEEK, track bikes

Last nights race was awesome, the team had a good night. On the line were the Win and the BIG money prime, we were going for both. When the race finally started after all the people talking and all the TV stuff and the paired lap. So the race went the same way as the others covering moves that were going off the front. Kayle was in a break with Sebastian with more then a minute up the road. With less then 10 to go the BIG money prime was up I was in the middle of the field and I could not see who won. As I was going out of turn 2 I saw Bahati rolling back through the field and I asked him who won. He said I did. My first thought was wow that’s a lot of money, then I was like wait I am still racing. So Kayle got the win and on top of the big money it was a very good night of racing for the team.

That was a few days ago now. In real time I left Milwaukee this morning to go to Detroit which I am going to be racing my first track race of the season at the nas-track 3 Day. Last year I raced it and go 2nd and this year I am going to go win the thing. More on D-town tomorrow. Till LATER

  1. superrookie says:

    watch out for crosby and winger! they rep from the NSC in blaine minnesota and they will throw down!

    tell ’em super rookie said hi.

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