Day 1 of 3 Day

Posted: August 6, 2007 in 3 days, austin carroll, ROCK AND REpublic, Rock and Republic cycling team

This 3-day is all on points so if you lap the field you just get points, not a lap it, makes the racing a bit more aggressive.
The first race was an 8-lap sprint race Dan went first and got second in the sprint. After he was done it was my turn to do the same race. It was not too fast, I kept the pace going when I hit the front with two to go the red team started the sprint I followed them over to the lead to get the win. Our next race was an 64 lap Madison as I was sitting at the rail I was going through everything I need to do. That last time I have done a Madison was at the LA World Cup so its been while. As I was sitting at the rail a man comes up to me and asked if I was Austin Carroll, I said yes and he said he was Frankie Andreu’s dad we talked for a bit then the race started. I am trying hard to remember what happened in this race and right now it’s a fuzzy. What I do know is that we won. Next was a missing out with each rider from the team. Dan and I road it well we both were at the front taking turns pulling. I worked out well with 3 riders left we had two. Dan got pulled so it was me and a guy from Canada. I was leading with two to go. I new I had to jump big but the other rider hit it and I was not able to get on his wheel so we got 3rd and 2nd. The last race of the night was a 100 lap Madison Dan I were riding well getting points in every sprint. Going into the last sprint there was a team doing an exchange in front of me. I was over it and riding on the blue line was a relief rider from the orange team and I had to go around him and Dan was all ready coming down the track for the exchange and I ended up on the right side of him and I instead of putting him into the race I yelled at him and said I am going to go with 4 laps. I was back in the race and as I was going into turn two the orange team was on the ground with Dan. They are all OK. We ended winning that Madison. So after night one I was in the lead.


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