Day 2 of 3 day

Posted: August 6, 2007 in 3 day, Cycling, ROCK AND REpublic, Rock and Republic cycling team, Uncategorized

Day 2 of 3 day

The racing was the same as the night before. We had a 14 point lead over team purple. Dan road a good sprint race ended up 2nd. In my race I road at the front with 4 to go, a member of the pink team picked up the tempo I sat on his wheel. With two to go he hit it again it was a perfect lead out I went around him and got the win. The rest of the night a few thing that’s stick in my mind during the first Madison. Dan was in the sprint and I was sleeping on the bike and I did not go down for the exchange, that was the first stupid after that we were still in the lead. The missing out went down in way that we did not want to go. At the end I pulled myself back into the race and finished the night on a positive note. We were I the lead with 2 points. That night at dinner we got to meet the mayor of Rochester hills that was kool.


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