day 3 of 3 day

Posted: August 6, 2007 in 3 day, 3 days, six day

I woke up and looked outside and it did not look too good. It started to rain. When we got to the track it was still raining. The races were going to start at 2. We got there at 12 40 the rain was going in 30 minutes intervals. The track there dries up fast. They changed the races around. There is a two 120 lap Madison and a missing out. The Madison was going well Dan and I was going well we were in second. The next sprint was coming up I threw Dan in and we were set up for a good sprint I made the exchange and got 3rd in the sprint I was focused on the wheel in front of me and in the corner of my eye I saw Dan. I put my hand on top of my bars and the next thing I new I was going down. I hit on my left side and rolled off the track hit the apron and then to the grass. As I was laying there in an fetal poison I didn’t know what to think I was in pain, my whole right leg was numb for the first few minutes. I did not know if I broke my leg, I was short of breath trying to get control of what just happen. In my head I was going through a checklist on what was hurting the most. There were some people around me I heard Roger asking me what was hurting. For the most part it was my hip. That was the first thing I hit after I was coming down, it felt like I had a major dead leg I could move my foot then I was helped up to my feet. I was limping, my hip was killing me there was only 5 laps to go when I got up. I stood there and from beating on the grown and getting up I got a mad head rush, lucky I was leaning on something. Roger helped me back on the bike and pushed me to the in field. I examined myself, hip hurt my shin got hit hard and I was already bruising, I had burns on my arms. Something that looks like my chain ring was on my back. That was one of the harder crashes I have experienced, I was going fast. It was my first crash in a Madison and for the people that know me when I do crash I pop back up fast this one put me down. Roger helped me to get my head back into place. I was feeling ok to ride he told me to ride the front of the missing out I started but I was not able to get out of the saddle nor was I able to power with my right leg. I ended up lasting a few laps. Roger put a smaller gear on and I started the 120 laps Madison. I was using my left leg more then my right. I could not sprint or accelerate I was just trying to ride to the finish I lasted to 30 laps and Roger told me that was enough Dan road in and out with the green team. At the end we ended up getting 4th


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