Posted: August 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

The past week and a half has been interesting for me. Every thing from crashing,getting poison oak having it spread through out my body ended up having to go to the doctor he put me antibiotics. I have been training on the track its funny that you can be riding well on the road and when you hit the track its a hole different deal. I feel like I am stating over in a way I am, new season, I have bigger goals and a lot more racing experiences. There is a lot going on for me in the next week right now I am at the airport flying to Chicago for Downers grove. I will be doing my blogs from my Blackberry so for one thing I can write right after the race or whatever I feel like I want people to know and to if something looks funny or does not make sense sorry. I will keep everyone up to date of all the kool thing I will be doing. So keep reading and I will keep you up to date of all the action!!!


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