what a trip

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Let me start off with this it rained all weekend not a lot of fun. The proam race was doomed, the team had to ride over in the rain and it was cold. I was shivering when I got to where the team was set up at. When the course was open I rolled around it and the turns were slick at first. I thought that everyone was having that problem. It was really the tires that I had, they were not rain friendly. When the race started there was a crash before the first turn. oh yeah there was aver 180 racers and I started at THE back not the best thing. as I was coming out of turn two I looked down the road and I was all ready like half lap down. The next day was like the day before well for me, but this was the US Pro crit champ. The rain let up M showed me how to check the lines. The race was fast I was at the back because that’s where I started I was having a lot of trouble turning. As I got out of the saddle going up the start finish my rear wheel was going every where. I got pulled early in the race.To get a another side of the race check out Rasaans Blog. Now I am sitting on an airplane without pilots… not sure how that’s going to work. But let’s go back this morning I got dropped off at the wrong airlines so I had to walk to united wait in line. When I got to the computer check in it said that my flight to one of my stops was delayed so it took it upon itself to change my flight putting me on stand by for a flight today the 20th and a for sure flight tomorrow morning I was not having that. I am going to give you the long version..I I am stuck on an airplane with no pilots. Ok so after I realized what happen I was in line one more time…. soon I am leaving sorry for the typos i will have the rest up later


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