Its so cold

Posted: October 23, 2007 in austin carroll

tour roadHello, So I have been in Belgium for 3 days. Yesterday Guy and I road to the Vlaams WIELERCENTRUM Eddy Merckx and on our way there we had Clay following us in the van.  When we got to the outside of Ghent we made our first wrong turn, Guy and I road 20k away from where we want to go. We stopped after we realized that we had not seen Clay. I looked at my phone and I had missed calls and texts telling us. I got a hold of Clay and we road back and got into the van. Then we got lost in the van drove around for a little bit then found the very big sports center. We made it to the track a nice 250m very fast track. While I was messing around on the track there was a little girl maybe 7 that was in the stands and every time I road by her she was clapping and had a big smile on her face.  One time I road by her and I waved to her and she laughed that made my DAY. Its was a good feeling, people appreciate what you are doing, its nice to know that…… Today is so cold we road in the morning it was 0c like 32 degrees.  I had to go to the bike shop and buy gloves and this hat thing. It made me a little warmer. The food has been good so far the portions are smaller that’s going to take a little to getting used to. Tomorrow I leave for Amsterdam for the first 6 day. Now I am chilling with Guy and Ryan Trebon.  Rain check, I am leaving for Amsterdam in two days.



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