Day 1 learning the true way by doing it

Posted: October 27, 2007 in austin carroll

Sorry for the delay its a little hard to do this on a phone!

Just finished the first night wow. I learned a lot in 40k, we had a lot of mistakes and lost one lap to the field and two to the leaders. I attacked two times and was off before we lost the laps. Tonight was by far the best thing I have ever done, I love this. Oh yeah very weird to smell weed and cigarettes when you are racing haha. Yeah did I say I learned a lot the racing, here is a different beast I have to change my tactics. Everyone wants to win, I am not just racing a few teams but all the teams, so kool . I know as the weeks of racing go be we will figure it out. Can’t what for tomorrow night!!!!

Now I am watching the pros, so fast

Yeah we are the pink team.

This is just a quick write up on my BB. Amsterdam is a kool city very kool. When I get back to the house I will have pics up. Thanks for following me in Europe

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  2. Bilko says:

    Keep up the good work and learn as much as you can. Watch it all. If you can talk with Matt Gilmore – that would be good for you to make that contact. He’s Aussie and speaks great english.

    ALso look for American CHiropracter – Mark Allen, michigan kid who married belgian mech daughter… he will help you. He’s a Wolverine like Roger Young.

    Say hey there to Hoosier Buddy – Guy East . Tel him Bilko posted on your blog.

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