day 2 what a Difference

Posted: October 27, 2007 in austin carroll

I am racing with Guy East at the Amsterdam 6 day race.  Tonight was our second night racing and Wow we rode a lot better as a team tonight. We did not miss any of our exchanges. The first 100 laps we sat in and worked on our mistakes from the night before. It’s really fast and you are making split second decisions.  After the first 100 we were racing the race.  We were near the front and I was going to Guy for the exchange and the team at the front pulled off.  We were on the front and I had a good acceleration and a few meters off I hit it and got 50 or so meters off the front and the sprint lap was coming.  In two laps we were back in the peloton, so much for that.  The other teams that were with us dropped off so it was Guy and I and the light pink team that won last night.  We were back in the race with 20 laps to go.  It was not too fast and I thru Guy in came around with 15, I was able to get off the front. We finally got away, we were going to get a lap back with 5 to go and seeing the tale end of the peloton I thought yes we got it.  On the finally lap we were less then 20 meters to get the lap and did not get it. I was like crap that sucks but we won the last sprint 5 points.  I think we moved up in the overall. It was a good race for us.  Tonight we should be able to ride well 50k Madison.

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  2. Tar says:

    Austin… we are pumped for you guys. Great going… Tar

  3. Bilko says:

    Look for Adrian Hegyvary in Germany. He leaves Seattle tomorrow… see his blog:

    Again, tell Guy that Bilko posted on you r blog… tell him to e-mail me.

    Thanks and keep it going! Just “push de pedals” – Seb Freidick.

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