Roubaix France

Posted: November 1, 2007 in austin carroll

Today Guy and I went on a quest to try to ride to Roubaix France. On a map its 25 miles, but it was an adventure. We started out good and got through Kortrijk. The next town was Marke and then we got lost for a while and then got back on track. The next two towns went smooth. The northern part of France is ghetto and dirty it felt like I was riding in the bad part of LA. We were just riding around and saw what we were looking for the Roubaix Velodrome. This is the track where the Paris Roubaix finishes on. We got to the track, WOW its big I was taken back just to know what has happened there. I took a few laps on the track this is by far one of the kooler things I have done, it makes me really want to do the race some day. The way home was hard we got really lost and turned around. We headed back to France. I took a video of one of the laps I rode. Switchback Tim, I was thinking of you when I was on the track the video is for you. I leave for Germany tomorrow for the Dortmund 6. Till then, oh yeah by the way Guy crashed on the track LOL, he’s alright. The track is amazing and is 450m…BIG!!!

losta houseRoubaixMe and Guyon the tracktrackimg_1414.jpgimg_1443.jpgimg_1445.jpgimg_1447.jpgimg_1449.jpgthe last Coble sectionthe road to the track


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