Dortmund Germany

Posted: November 4, 2007 in austin carroll

I just got back from Germany and have kool videos, pics

So the track, the Dortmunder Westfalenhallen was one of the worse tracks I have ridden. In turn one and in the middle is a hydraulic door so there are two BIG bumps, oh those hurt. So this 6 day is one big production there are lights, music, and a lot of people watching. It was so LOUD, it’s kool racing in a stadium the size of Staple Center. Before every race all the teams lined up and they introduced each team. They say everything in German then you hear Austin Carroll and Guy East USA wave to the crowd and go back to the end of the line. After everyone is introduced the race starts. We have to do the first few exchanges in the light show which is hard. Everyone’s jerseys are changing colors. The race starts and the gun goes off and its on .The first day was going ok for us we lapped the field with the aus and the guys from Holland. My seat post slipped and had to get on the spare bike. I raced that for a few laps then I did a quick bike change back on to my race bike. There were 20 laps to go and it was slowly slipping again. The next day sucked. The third day I can talk about. We had a good race. We rode in the drivers seat a lot. Had a lot of good things happen in the race. In these races you have to be like a cat always aware of what’s going on around you. If you have a slight moment of day dreaming, its like oh man what happened?? Through the race we were on the teams that were not going to leave us hanging
off wheels and getting gaped off. Going into the last sprint we were right on the aus I had good timing for the sprint with a lap to go threw Guy in and I turned up to watch the jumbotron to see how we did coming out of the last turn. Guy passed the aus and we won the final sprint, it was a good feeling. At this time the lights were going like the video. After the race I caught up to Guy and the spotlight was on us and we were on the jumbotron, we were like why is that on us? We did not win? I go back to Germany in two days for the
Munich 6.


guy in the uvi room
the Tunnel
back stage
back stage 2
out side of the track
out side of the track 2
6 DAY 2
6 DAY 3
6 DAY 4
6 DAY 5
Out side of the track AT NIGHT

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  2. Tar says:

    Austin, keep those pix and stories coming. We had a Madison at ADT yesterday and the kids all wannna be there riding with you…. Keep hammering, Tar

  3. bilko says:

    I guess the USA track race organizers gotta get with Circ-de-soliel peoples to make the show rock, eh?!

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