Posted: November 11, 2007 in austin carroll

We left Belgium for Munich and we had a long drive ahead of us, 11 hours. I started going crazy when my Ipod died 10 minutes into the drive. I had nothing to do, but luckily Guy had his PSP so that helped. We stopped at this gas station and had to pay to use the WC “ bathroom” it cost us 50c. It was one of the most high tech bathrooms I have ever seen. The next time we went to one we used the kids entrance, you don’t have to pay if you are under 3 feet tall. Oh yeah, there were also these teens hanging around that looked like the kids from Harry Potter, funny. When we arrived in Munich we got completely lost, again! We eventually found our Hotel which was not a Hotel but a hostel. There was a big futball game in town, so there were a lot of extremely LOUD hooligans running around. After settling in, Guy and I checked out this place and went to the mountain view bar and left fast, as we did not want to get involved with the loud chanting of the visiting hooligans. These guys were singing till 3 in the morning, of course our room was right next to the bar. Packed up the next day and headed to the track, its a 200m at the Olympic park. The stadium is even bigger then Dortmund, its huge! The whole track is painted and fast. The first night of racing it took me the first 50 laps to get the hang of the track, its hard to move up when you get in bad position and the next second you are at the pole, then you are at the rail. After that we settled in and together we rode well enough to finish 7th right in the middle of the field. Currently, we are in sixth place overall. The new place we are now staying in is kind of creepy, its where the Olympic rowing teams stayed, which is only a few Ks from Dachau, the second largest concentration camp during WWII.

Hostel 2
Hostel 3
hostel 4
Munich 1
out side of the track
Me 2
out side of the track 2
out side of the track 3
out side of the track 4
inside 2
inside 3
the track
the track 2
moto doom

  1. bilko says:

    Sweet pre race pics. Keep it going. Say good luck to Guy from Bilko too.

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