Munich 2

Posted: November 13, 2007 in austin carroll

n535680190_1676506_1428.jpgIn our meeting the translator did a poor job. We missed a lot of info like the time for breakfast, so yes we slept through that made it to lunch though! When we got to the track, Guy and I were walking with our bikes and saw Eric Zabel getting dropped off. I said hi and he said something in German and jogged in front of us and opened the door, I felt like a little girl that just saw the guy she has a poster of in her room… LOL. During training it was kool Zabel, Risi, Barco were in our pace line and it was Zabel at the front, Bartco then me. I can’t explain how kool of a feeling it was to ride with these guys. For the start of the race I was content to have good position from the start. We were in good position all night I was feeling great, the best since I have been in Europe. We were there on all the sprints not always getting points but getting ready for the counter. We had 40 more laps, Guy was having an off day and at some time I was a little to aggressive for him. A lot of the top guys wanted the race to control the pace, but it was a little to slow. The teams that aren’t really strong will start to come over the top and that just makes everything hard. I would hit it in the front and the pace up so that would not happen. While doing that I would gain a few meters, guys were getting tired. The last sprint was timed great I got thrown in with one lap to go. We ended 7th again but moved up into 6 over all.
changing room
there was nothing to do in the room

  1. bilko says:

    Tell Zabel that Guy has his hat from Hamilton… see if Zabel will chase him again!!

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