Posted: November 21, 2007 in austin carroll

Gent!! This is going to be me and Guys first full 6 days of racing. Tonight we
had a 200 lap Madison with 3 sprints. Oh yeah, so the last 3 six days
we have done they provided the teams with colored jerseys but we did
not know we were going to be racing in our own kits. The only
thing I had was a long sleeve jersey. WOW, It was really hot. We had a
good position for alot of the race. Guy was moving up to
the front and was going a little faster than everyone and ended up
rolling off the front. We had a strait away on the field, we were not
dedicated to lap the right away. We watched what the field was doing
and they started to chase hard, so we went back into the field.
Shortly after we were in a bad spot and the teams that did not
chase countered and 5 teams lapped the field. So now we are a lap down.
The first sprint was coming up we got 1 point. We ended up getting
points in the last two sprints to have a total of 4 points with one lap down.
The track aka the Kuipke is one of the most fun tracks I have ridden on.
It’s a wide track but everything is fast and quick. One little mistake
and you are a half lap down. It’s a different experience to race on a 166.
Lots of effort to stay on the pole at speed in the turns.
Tonight we have a Madison TT and a 200 lap Madison.

1 Peter Kennaugh / Adam Blythe (GBr) 13 pts
2 Davy Tuytens / Tosh Van der Sande (Bel) 11
3 Jesper Mørkøv / Christian Ranneries (Den) 2
4 Tristan Marquet / René Schibli (Swi) 1
5 Pavel Subrt / Marek Mixa (Cze)

One lap behind

6 Guy East / Austin Carroll (USA) 4
7 Dave Mertens / Walt De Winter (Bel) 2

Two laps behind

8 Maarten Vlasselaar / Gert Jan Van Immerseel (Bel)
9 David Wiswell / Jackie Simes (USA)

Three laps behind

10 Kieran De Fauw / Brian Ligneel (Bel)

Four laps behind

11 Glen Foubert / Thomas Sprengers (Bel)
12 Gerd Steijn / Harm Steijn (Ned)

  1. Javier Castaneda says:

    Dude…. I remember watching the race back in 2003.. and recall how narly it was! Keep your wits about you… some Euro kid back then lost concentration and ate it hard. About the jersey, it could be worse.. you could be wearing neon green….

    Keep the updates coming and best of luck… oh.. and make sure you feast on some Belgian waffles if you haven’t done so yet… get the chocolate dipped ones.


  2. bilko says:

    Try belgian mech – Pedro Wever if you need help. 09/222-76-97

    or Mark Allen in Mortsele… 09/363-03-09

    keep it up. be smart

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